Johnson Control Probe Issue

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Jun 30, 2008
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South of Boston, By way of West Virginia!!
Hello. So I have a Johnson Controls A19AAT for my Beer Freezer. I came down tonight to get a beer and noticed that my keg was not as cold as it should be. I also smelled a odd smell. I reached to move the end of the probe and it broke off in my hand. And my hand smelled. So the probe broke... I am going to pull all of the kegs and beer (mostly in cans... Treehouse and such) out of the kegerator.

What "Gas" is in that probe? Should I worry about the been in Kegs or Cans? Any thoughts or advise?
Not a gas, a liquid. It might be silicone based or might be alcohol based.
I'd clean everything up (if there is anything "liquid" remaining then it probably wasn't alcohol) just on GPs, especially the drinking end of the cans...


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