Jdoiv hosted brewday 1-5-08

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Sep 14, 2006
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Nashville, TN
Just had a great brewday hosted by Jdoiv today. Just thought I would share some pics.

I made a hefe, psudeochef made an imperial stout (in his new 60qt pot!), and jdoiv made a stout of some sort also.. maybe he can elabroate..

There were a few people there also from the local brew club A.S.S. (Antioch sud suckers)

Sorry there are so many, but please enjoy!

psudeo and jdoiv milling

Psudeochef and his new pot

my gear for the day
everyone's spent grain for the day...

taking my hefe home

we've got a group pic, whenever I get it i will post it up!
RichBrewer said:
Wow! Thanks for the great shots. That looked like a fun day. I would enjoy brewing with a group like that!

The only way I could brew with a group like that is if a bunch of you took a Florida vacation at the same time(Hmmmmmmm)
Had a great time. I learned a valuable lesson today: Big beers = loooooong boil times. I had sparged the 888 with 5 gallons and was still coming out @ 1.040. Boiled down 11 gallons to 5.5 over the course of the day...I was the first one there and last one to leave. Final grav. was 1.092, though...so completely worth it.

Thanks to jdoiv (John) for being such an amazing host and allowing us to intrude on his family, house, and garage. He also allowed me to mill my grain (which is definitely my efficiency problem!) as well as borrow a carboy (I run a small operation here and just brewed last week), and use a spare propane tank. He also has the most amazing Bier de Garde on tap and can cook one mean pizza.

Great day!

EDIT: Oh yeah, 60 qt pot = 11 gallon boil and walking away from it. Wasn't even close to a boil over. Now to just drill that spigot so I don't have to deal with my wanna be wort wizard that didn't want to work.
billyg said:
What kind of pump were you guys using in the picture?


Just a standard, albeit small, March Pump. It's a food-safe pump that can handle high temperatures. Really useful for pumping hot wort through a counterflow or plate chiller as seen in the pic.
Thanks for posting up the pics. It was indeed a very fun day. We brewed an oatmeal stout that is going to get put in a cask and sent down to Atlanta for a Cask festival. The firkin is 12 gallons so we wanted 14 gallons going into the fermenter. Only problem was my system can usually do 11-12 gallons. Ended up putting 34 pounds of grain in the MLT and had it maxed out. Had all sorts of problems trying to get it to drain and having husks come through the false bottom. Efficiency took a hit and we only had 73%. Had to boil off in two pots, but ended up with close to 15 gallons in the fermenters at 1.054. It'll be beer.

I think I sampled a few too many of the other things people brought. Pseudochef shared some of his recent score from up in Virginia and the bourbon ale from Alagash probably didn't help me by the end of the night. I spent all day Sunday on the couch trying to recuperate.
IrregularPulse said:
So when you do a group brew like that, you just wait till you get home before pitching I assume?

Some pitched there and some waited. I waited. When we're all going directly home (no more than about 20 minutes away), the extra aeration can only help, I think.

So it wasn't that long between cooling and pitching for me.