I've become a beer snob...

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Jan 15, 2005
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...and I'm on my way to becoming a hophead too!!!

A couple of things I've noticed since I've started brewing beer--I'm more willing to try "different" brews--which has really opened up my eyes. I never even heard of steam beer before I started brewing. That opened my eyes to Anchor, and now I'm a Liberty Ale freak. I probably never would have tried an Arrogant Bastard or a Dead Guy or anything that sounded too "bitter" but I'm glad I did! Hops rule!

As for the beer snob thing--the other night at the Queens of the Stone Age show I started the night with a Newcastle Brown Ale (up until that night it was my all-time favorite beer from the tap), and it tasted too sweet. So I went to Yeungling. OMFG I could barely finish it. It had no taste!! I finished the night by quaffing (GOD I LOVE THAT WORD!) 3 or 4 Sierra Nevada Pale Ales and then later on 2 Guinness pints. The SNPA went down so easy, and the Guinness, well, that has become my favorite beer from "the draw". I could have sat there and drank Guinness all night, had the "ride home police" not shown up.

Just thought I'd throw this out there.....

Me too. I'll drink whatever someone hands me from their cooler, but I don't buy just any old crap for myself anymore.

SNPA is the best "widely available" beer out there, IMO. Drinking one as we speak. :D All of the macro brews are barely OK ice cold out of the bottle or can, but one whiff of one from the tap makes me want to heave.

If you want a good, hoppy, straight-up beer, go and get you a bottle of that Stone IPA...holy moley. If you plan to come over Saturday, pick me up a bottle, too. Fuggin' snob. :D

Beer snob here, and definitely a hophead.

One of the greatest things about getting into homebrewing seems to be that it causes you to become a lot more adventurous in your beer tasting. I remember the first time me and some buddies went to the store in college and got a bunch of Belgians. We had no idea what we were getting into, but we had all started brewing and were intrigued. Tasting Orval, Chimay, Kriek Boon, Celis White for the first time in one night was pretty eye opening and life-altering.

As they say, life is definitely too short for cheap beer. These days I find myself getting snobby even tasting a lot of commercial micros because whatever I have on tap at home is better ;) But there are so many superior beers out there from the likes of Stone, Lost Coast, North Coast, Bell's, Stoudt's, Bear Republic, Deschutes and a brewpub near you. In California, it seems like every town has its local brewery. Makes for fun lunch stops on road trips :D

Hey, y'all, it's Friday! :D
There's nothing wrong with being a beer snob. Just don't try to push it too much.

I look at it this way, when I try to turn my friends and relatives onto a much better beer and they don't like it....well, that's more for me. :D
I feel like starting (or reviving) a "better beer" movement. I want to share my passion...but everyone around me is taste-deficient.
I find it funny that Miller is runing the "I can't taste my beer!" ad campaign with the alternative being Miller Light. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? I'm originally from St. Louis where Miller is practically forbidden but since I've refined my taste in beer I can't seem to bring myself to drink any AB either. Bud Light was my beer of necessity in college but was/will never be my beer of choice. This isn't a slam against either one of these brewing icons, just my personal opinion.
Last night I went out to dinner. The restaurant was giving away free samples of two new Bud products. One was a beer "energy drink" that included caffiene. It tasted like red bull mixed with bud - ick. Very fruity... like apples. I couldn't even finish the 2 ounces worth. The next was some kind of Bud Reserve or Bud Select or something like that. I think the waitress said it had 1/2 the calories. Anyhow, it had 1/2 the flavor, too. If I made a beer with that little character, I would dump the whole batch.
HI, I'm a beer snob and also becoming a hophead. My friends look at me like I'm weird because I don't show their enthusiasm for cheap beer, and I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

Unfortunately the only good beer we can get here is from a little micro in town, and their selection is limited, although the IPA is a must. One pitcher damn near knocked me on my ass and had hops out the wahzoo. Stone and Sierra Neveda are the only beers not from coors, ab, or miller. Somehow a HBS survives in this town.