Issue with stuck fermentation after pitching more yeast and increasing temp.

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Luke Fisher

Dec 22, 2018
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Hi all, I am brand new to brewing/the forum and wanted to get some insight into an issue with a DIPA I've been trying to brew. Starting gravity was 1.085 (expected FG 1.015-1.020), and fermentation in the coming days was great (vigorous bubbling for a few days, tapered off after ~3 days). I transferred it to a secondary fermenter, and the bubbling in the air lock was little to nothing. When I checked the gravity 2 weeks later, it was 1.044. I figured I transferred to early, and that my closet was too cold with large temperature fluctuations (55-67F). I pitched two more packets of yeast (aerated the fermentation jug) and moved it to a warmer closet (71F) and thought I was in the clear. However, there was still very little bubbling, and when I checked the gravity 2 weeks later it was still 1.044! Any suggestions? I was thinking it was possible that maybe the mash wasn't quite right and the sugars weren't fermentable...? I'm very new to brewing and would greatly appreciate some ideas/suggestions as to what happened.