ISO: The Veil FT: Casey, Black Project, CO beers

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Feb 8, 2013
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Fort Collins

Looking for a VA local that may be willing to set up a trade for some The Veil and maybe a few other local brews. I know their anni is happening this weekend so was looking for a mixed 6 pack from what is being released. If not would be interested in just future weekly releases.

I have a few Casey and Black Project beers I am willing to trade and have access to great CO sours and hops. Here is a little list but if there is something you are looking for let me know we can works something out. Would need to ship to CO, really interested in trying some of Matt's stuff after reading about him.

Casey- Mr. B's collab, it is a collab with local liquor store pretty much their own blend of The Cut-Grape
Black Project- Ejector, Jumpseat
Cellarwest- Westerfield, Sapience
Others; TRVE, Crooked Stave, Powder Keg

Hops: Weldwerks (Crowlers), Odd13, Melvin