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Apr 7, 2010
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Brookhaven, GA
ISO: Barrel Aged Abraxas b3 (2016)

FT: a combo of:
• Creature Comforts: See the Stars, Curious 2&3 box set, Brettomatic
• Cantillon: Fou Foune (13/14/15), LPG (11/13), St Lam (14/15), LPF, Kriek, RdG, Classic, Iris
• De Cam: Lambiek Special, Framboise
• Drie Fonteinen: Gueze, OG Vintage (08/10/12), Golden Blend 14
• BCBS: Backyard Rye, Vanilla Rye
• Side Project: Abricot du Fermier, Rose du Ble, Saison du Fermier b2/b3, Punchdown, Smooth
• Lost Abbey: Veritas 13/14
• New Glarus: Wild peach, all 2015 R&Ds
• Remys Pappy 2013 label
• Hill Farmstead: Aaron, Vera Mae, Norma, Juicy, E, lots of others
• 2014 BA Mexican Cake set
• Huna 14/16 (pre-will have after Huna Day March 12)
• Dark Lord 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
• Darkness 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
• BA Sexual Chocolate
• Jester King: b1 Aurelian Lure, B1 Nocturn Chrysalis, B1 Atrial Rubicite, b1 Funk Metal, RU55, Boxer’s revenge
The ratio would depend on which bottles you are interested in, but willing to go over on $ to get this done. I have other stuff also. PM if interested.

Also Interested in Side Project Merci and Tete' de Cuvee'.