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Jul 9, 2007
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Regina, SK
I'm having a bit of a hard time figuring out where to find extract. All of the places I've been have 'kits' like Muntons or whatever. They're a specific beer in a can with a pack of yeast. Is this what I use for my malt extract or are there cans of 'light' 'dark' etc? I asked at a few of the places I've been to in the last couple of days and they all try to steer me towards beer in a bag kits (of which I'm making one now) but I want to find out where I can buy LME or DME that isn't pre hopped and doesn't need me to make a kit.

Anyone in Saskatchewan know a good place or are most of these sold online? I'm kind of frustrated by lack of help at the brew stores (mostly focused on wine I guess). There are a few more stores I have to check out but haven't had time since I've gotten the brew bug.
Those kits are extract, and everything else your thinking is right. It's more fun to get plain old un-hopped LME and DME and follow or make a recipe yourself- In My Opinion. Untill you sort our local places to get your supplies- maybe you could use the internet to order stuff- a lot of places will have a flat shipping rate that will benefit you if you order enough stuff....
Good luck up there....My LHBS sucked for ages- I had very similar issues.....
Thanks... I'm thinking of ordering a bit of stuff to get started anyway. Would doubling up on those kits (to cut down on added sugar) be okay... like two cans of whatever instead of using just one and then not adding sugar?
OH yea, using two cans of extract instead of a can and sugar will make it taste a lot better.