Is this chromed copper good for an immersion chiller? And

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Feb 18, 2013
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I'd like to build my own immersion chiller at home and a plumber friend suggested using chromed copper. He is saying that it is really durable and the chrome colour shouldnt scare me since it is almost as durable as stainless steel.

I am wondering what size of a tube I should use (I mean the 1/2" or something) and if I should use this material at all?

Find attached an image of what I am about to buy....
I dont even have to bend it. It comes in rolls like this. Brilliant, isnt it? :p




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Feb 10, 2014
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You could, but I wouldn't. That tubing is mostly used for exposed plumbing under sinks, and where you want to dress the plumbing up. It is fairly durable, but not much more than regular copper.

After a while the chrome will start to flake off, especially in areas where you had previously scratched it... which you undoubtedly will. I've spider webbed it before making a bend around a sink drain too. I don't know if oxyclean or starsan will weaken the coating more too. You could end up with a beer that resembles a silver version of Goldschlager. Lol!

Plus, the chrome will lessen the heat transfer too. Not a whole lot, but it will a bit.

As for it already being in a coil...

I have yet to see copper tubing that wasn't coiled. It still has to be bent to fit your kettle and for the in/out legs. Easiest way is to wrap it around a paint can or a medium sized fire extinguisher/co2 tank. Just be careful bending the in/out legs... they're the hardest and most important bends.

I recommend plain old copper. It's cheaper than stainless, easy to repair, and easy to manipulate.

You could also build a counter-flow chiller, but that's a whole other argument...