Is there a way to "automate/control/monitor" a Tilt and an Inkbird WiFi Temp Controller for Fermentation?

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May 3, 2013
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Looking for a way to monitor and control my Tilt Hydrometers and my InkBird WiFi Controllers in my Ferm Chamber. I tried searching a few things and found Fermtrack and BrewPi Remix, but I don't see if either of those can control a WiFi Temp Controller.... I would love to setup Ferm Schedules and such from my phone or other device.... Thank You...
I think you'll want to look into Node-Red for device integration like this. You could use a Raspberry Pi as a TiltPi (using Tilt's downloadable software), and just add some Nodes in it's existing Node-Red flow to set different temperature setpoints for different timing or gravity readings. I'm sure the InkBird uses MQTT or some other integration protocol that Node-Red has different nodes for (I haven't looked yet, but there are so many options).
Doesn't Inkbird have apps for that?

Yes, InkBird has it's own app for it... It will allow you to monitor real time, and make changes to the settings, real time, but it doesn't allow you to set up a fermentation schedule, such as a diacetyl rest, or a cold crash.... And it doesn't allow you to log temps.... Also, you can only access it via their proprietary app.... I am wanting to be able to do everything in one application.

I know Tilt will work with Raspberry Pi, I was just wondering if I could control my Ferm chamber with the same Raspberry Pi... I currently have the InkBird doing the controlling....
This sort of integration would be very useful, especially for those who don't have thermowells. It also seems to highlight an opportunity for the manufacturers of the Tilt to add a new, tightly-integrated 2-stage temperature controller to their lineup.
this is possible using tuya... but it requires some extra work. They use the v3 version require not just an ID and IP but also a key. The key is generated every time the device "pairs" with a service. You have to use an SSL/HTTPS proxy on your phone to intercept the key. Once you have the key you can use any tuya library to control them. I'm using a python library tinytuya. It does talk to them locally via IP and doesn't need to hit the cloud. I'm able to tell if it's heating vs cooling vs idle, as well as the set points and the probe temp.
I've setup some super basic fermentation temp profiles: one for an Ale, one for a lager, one for lagering using Alexa Routines and I control my InkBird WIFI that way.

There are some big limitations (Alexa Routines only supports a maximum of 4 hours for a wait statement, so you have to add 6, 4 hour wait statements if you want to start at one temp, wait 24 hours, and then ramp up to another temperature, but it is dead-simple, drag-and-drop in the Alexa app automations.)

I also am doing simple timed-based activation of my malt mill. (Turn on malt mill, wait x minutes, then turn off malt mill.

I'm pretty sold on just using simple Alexa enabled IoT devices and configuring routines to do some basic brewery automation. (I REALLY wish one of the new WIFI hydrometer devices supported Alexa...)

-I just purchased a Shelly One WIFI relay and I'm going to install it in my electric brewery control panel and what I'm hoping to do is to just have my main power on button wired to the Shelly One as a physical on switch and have it activate my main contactor, but I can also then have an Alexa Routine configured to turn on my main brewery contactor 1 hour before I wake up on a brew day, and then have my PID already set to my Strike temp so my HLT starts pre-heating before I wake up. (Then the malt mill turns on 15 min before I wake up and mills the grain and turns off.) -I can mash in before breakfast and get an early start.

-I'm using a simple Alexa enabled outlet switch to turn on my kegerator tap tower fan @ 5:00pm (about an hour before my typical pint time) and then turn it off at 9:00pm so I avoid a foamy first pint AND don't waste electricity and prematurely wear out the fan.

I know there's some hard core geeks on here that love messing with gadgets for use in their homebrewery, but I don't want to mess with gadgets. I just want some basic and simple automations that make things easier on me.

Running on ESP32, BrewPiLess, my project, supports Tilt.

Although, BPL, derived from BrewPi, is designed to be a fermentation temperature controller, I've added as much as possible features, including humidity, pressure, and gravity monitoring. (Maybe it's too much in my opinion.) The latest and under developed version will show extra information on LCD when available, instead of only the classic BrewPi display. Thus, you can use it as a TILT bridge if you will.

I don't have a TILT, so I haven't tested it with a real TILT device. Simulating APP on iPhone is all I have to verify it. Someone has reported that it works, though.
I did my glycol fern controller by starting with the tiltpi node red flows and adding to them. I already had some 1wire gpio/SSRs and temp sensors and discovered you can interface 1wire with the rpi gpio pins just with the help of a few resistors. I use node red dashboard on a touchscreen monitor hooked to the rpi for direct local control and status of my two fermenters and chiller. All in all a fun weekend project
Well, it looks like Kegland built what I was looking for: They've combined their RAPT Pill, Tilt-like hydrometer and their new RAPT Temperature Controller to do exactly what I want....

Now they just need to release the RAPT Temperature Controller in a 120v version for the US market. (The RAPT Pill, I'm not convinced that they EVER end up releasing for the US market due to the patents that Tilt was issued; I'm ordering mine from a Canadian reseller.)