Is the back of my Frigidaire keezer freon free?

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Apr 29, 2012
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Santa Rosa de Pos
My keezer is a Frigidaire 8.8 cu. ft. (can't find the exact model number; brand new 2 years ago) . I can't find any info on line that tells me where the cooling lines are located. Up til now I've had my 5 lb. CO2 tank inside on the compressor shelf, but now I want to mount it outside and run the gas line through the keezer wall. As I feel the keezer, the front and both sides are warm to the touch, but the back is cold. I'm thinking that this indicates that there are no cooling lines on the back, which means I can drill a hole for the gas line without killing my keezer. Does anyone have the knowledge to confirm my supposition?
Unless there is an external condenser there are effectively two loops of tubing surrounding a chest freezer interior.
Adjacent to the inner liner is the evaporator loop, which almost certainly encircles the entire liner, starting towards the top of the chassis and extending down a number of inches.
If there is no external condenser, then adjacent to the outside sheet metal skin there will be the condenser loop. On your 8.8 apparently it only extends to the sides and front, and may not wrap around the rear. But there's still the evaporator to consider in that rear area.

Confronted with the desire to run my two CO2 and one beergas lines into my keezer from outside cylinders, I went through the back edge of the lid and avoided the whole "nick a line" drama...



I used a mixture of water and cornstarch mixed to form a paste. Spread it around the area you want to drill of a running freezer. The coolant lines, if present, will be revealed.

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Wasn't the original recipe rubbing alcohol and cornstarch, with the idea that the alcohol would evaporate first where the condenser lines are located?

Which is the problem with that technique: it'll only find the condenser lines - which run warm and are just under the exterior skin.
It will not find the evaporator tubing, which is on the other side of the cabinet insulation...


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