Is my recipe ready to post?

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Dec 26, 2008
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virginia beach
how many batches need to be brewed before i should post this Odell's 90 shilling clone recipe i've been working on. I just kegged the 3rd batch. the second was almost perfect, but i added a late hop addition and a few other tweaks. i would love to see what you guys think of this clone. i think it is pretty close.


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Dec 11, 2007
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"Detroitish" Michigan
There's difference between posting a recipe here in the Recipe/ingredients section, for discussion and the like...and putting it in the can post any recipe, even ones you haven't brewed here for critique or advice...that''s not an issue...

One of the problems and it is something that we hash back and forth a lot is that people post untried recipes into the recipe database (which also shows up in our pulldown menu) rather than in the Recipes/ingredients section...meaning here...

Sadly there is no way to "police" this....we'd like to see only "tried and true" recipes in the database (meaning complete recipes that have been brewed at least once, preferably more and tasted and maybe even brewed by other brewers) and those become the HBT "canon" of official recipes..

And in the Recipes/ingredients forum we put our "experiments" as well as ask for feedback...Then once we feel the recipe is "good enough" to have other brewers brew it THEN we add our recipe to the "canon"

If you look at my pull see only one recipe in there (and in the database) yet I have posted a lot of my recipes in the Recipe/ingredients least a half dozen, maybe more...

But I feel that my brown ale (even though I constantly tweak it and post the notes of variations in the thread) is the only one I "stand behind" right now enough to attach my name to it...

But like I said there's really no way to "police" it without coming off mean...some have suggested a voting system...some have suggested that 2 or 3 brewers have had to have brewed it before it goes into the database. But there is really no way to do it easily...

We kinda hope that people on here would just police themselves, and not add to the database unbrewed recipes..Not to at least post the recipe til they are drinking the beer...not the day before they brew it...and put that in the other section...but most new people don't know the distinction...

Oh well

One thing to do is to be selective in the recipes you brew on here...if you are around long enough, and read people's posts you get an idea of who has experience in creating recipes and who doesn't...Which recipes get brewed alot, etc....and trust the recipes by them...

When I'm looking for a recipe I start with those by people I know on here, like the Mods or some of the other brewers who help beginners because I know their brewing philosophy or level of experience, or have seen the response to their recipes..After those people I will look at the other recipes and see if the poster has updated or posted comments about their recipe, or if other people have as see if anyone else has brewed it...then the next "tier" is those that look like the recipe was written AFTER it was brewed and bottled (once clue look to see if they put a final gravity in the recipe..if there is a question mark, or a blank, than more than likely it was put in there before being tested.)

Hope that helps...But to anyone "experiments" in the forum...and recipes you trust enough and have brewed more than once, recipes good enough to release in the makes it easier for other brewers to brew with trust.

So Post away :mug: