Is my cider infected?

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May 12, 2014
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Hey guys, brand new to the forum.

I successfully made some pretty decent cider last fall. Following that success, I started two gallons of cider this past January. One was made with Lalvin EC-1118, the other with Nottingham Ale Yeast. Both were made from a combination of Trader Joe's brand organic unfiltered juice and some hand pressed fresh juice from store bought apples. I added some brown sugar and apple juice concentrate to the Lalvin EC-1118, and got to about 10% abv. I added a little apple juice concentrate to the Nottingham Ale Yeast batch and got to about 7% abv. I used homemade yeast nutrient made from raisins and dates, and both batches got pectic enzyme.

I racked both batches after about a month and let them sit until early April. The batch made with Lalvin EC-1118 was fully cleared so I bottled it. The Nottingham Ale Yeast batch was not clear at all, so I decided to rack it again. Two weeks later , I noticed the Nottingham Ale Yeast batch had some white specks floating on the top. I have no clue what this stuff is. The cider smells absolutely normal and is at this point clear enough that I want to bottle. Does this stuff mean my cider is infected?

I took some photos the best I could using a flashlight and my phone camera. Here they are 1 2

I admit, there is more head space on this gallon than I am used to, because this is the first time I racked a cider twice. You cannot see in the pictures (because I had to zoom so much), but there is about four inches of head space.


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Jun 4, 2006
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It's impossible to tell from the photos, but it doesn't look good if the cider has been aging for a while.

Headspace is probably the reason for any contaminants that could have taken hold.


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Nov 18, 2013
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Welcome to the forum. The photos are way too blurry to tell what's going on. Might be infection. Might be yeast "rafts". That's a lot of headspace though. Did you sanitize the raisins and dates?