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Dec 2, 2018
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I clicked in hopes of getting DrHans three free, critically acclaimed recipes but was sadly let down.
I don't begrudge the man for trying to find an audience. He's trying to build something around a subject he is passionate In this day and age however it's not easy to grow a Youtube channel or a blog. I uploaded some beer making videos to Youtube in the late 90's and built up quite a few subscribers. But it was just for sh!ts and grins and work got in the way so I didn't keep it up. Now that I've retired I'm brewing more and videotaping more but my channel growth is nothing like what it was back then. But again, it's primarily for my own entertainment and as a creative outlet so I'm not overly concerned. It would be a different story if I wanted to monetize the channel. Then I would promote it any way I could. Good luck Doc.