Is +90% efficiency possible?

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Trappist Artist

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Jul 4, 2006
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Hi Guys,
I just recently had a brew where my calculations show that I've hit about 93% efficiency. Is this possible? I notice that there is another post where someone got even higher than that! Is this just some kind of mistake, or does this actually happen from time to time?

You'd have to post your figures, recipe, method and calculations if you wanted us to check it for mistakes.

But yes it is feasible.

I have hit over 90% twice.
Thanks guys, I have calculted this out before and just have never reached this. So I guess I just got lucky and had some real good eff.
Cool. I also come up with about 92% on a ordinary bitter recipe I brewed yesterday. On my previous batches I had about 70% at best. I used 5 Stars, pH 5.2 stabilizer for the first time in this recipe. Either my technique is improving or pH5.2 makes a big difference. The proof will be if I can obtain these types of numbers on future batches. Consistency is key in my opinion. Good luck on your future brews. - Dirk
Somehow, I've never got under 90%. Not that it was all my doing... mostly luck. My LHBS has a good crush, I've always fly-sparged for no particular reason, and my well-water pH is below 5.0.