Irish Moss Krausen - Normal or something up?

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Jun 8, 2020
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I brewed an Amber ale on Friday and everything seemed to go okay - in-fact I finally remembered to add some Irish moss that I have had and neglected on my last 5-6 batches (used it 1 time previously). After I cooled with my IC i noticed that there was some precipitate in the wort and assumed this was the irish moss effect. I transferred to my FV and moved to my chiller.

Within a few hours I noticed there were a lot of clumps floating about - which I then realised was more of the Irish moss clumping thing (I had only seen it once before) and there was a lot of it! Fermentation has really taken off (see the chart/video) but seems to be super aggressive and the clumps in the Krausen are pretty gnarly - just wondering if this is normal - or does it look like there may be something untoward happening?

(the tilt is currently being heavily pushed around by the thick krausen so don't think the reading is very accurate...)

Does this look normal? Also next time - I was thinking of letting the wort sit for a while before transferring to leave as much of this crap out the FV as possible - is this worth a go or does this not really matter?



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