Irish Coffee Stout

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Dec 10, 2007
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Philly, PA
Irish Wake Up

Extract Recipe
Yield 5.25 Gallons

Starting Gravity: XXXXX
End of Primary Gravity: XXXXX
Final Gravity: XXXXX
Alcohol By Volume: XXXXX

12 oz Crystal Malt 60L
4 oz Black Patent Malt
2 oz Toasted Oat
2 oz Chocolate Malt

6.6 lbs Dark Liquid Malt Extract
8 oz Malto Dextrin

2 oz Northern Brewer Hops/Kent East Goldings (Bittering)
.5 oz Fuggle Hops (Finishing)

1 pkg Nottingham Brewers Yeast/White Labs English Ale Yeast

5.4 oz Dried Malt Extract

8 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey (8yr)

36 oz Sumatra Coffee (24hr Cold Brew)

60 Minute Boil
5 Day Primary Ferment
10 Day Secondary Ferment
21 Day Bottle Conditioning

25 minute steep at 155-160°
Add malt/dextrin/bittering hops
55 minutes finishing hops
Boil 5 minutes
Cool to 70-90°
Pitch yeast
Primary ferment – 5 days
Prep secondary – Reduce Alcohol in Jameson add into coffee
Secondary ferment – 10 days
Prep priming sugar – 2 cups of water and DME
Bottle – 21 days

Ok Opinions pls before I go buy everything for this
Not sure how it will work with your adjuncts, but another stout thread going right now points out that using light LME and adding roasted barley to your steeping grains will help you dial in a stout flavor. I know roasted barley is key to a typical Irish Stout.

Your signature says that you've already got an Irish Stout in bottles, so disregard this if you like the way that turned out.
did one with a barley grains were pretty much the same just tweaked

changed hops around thinking adding more barley
More info please.... Opionions really.
I plan on using this as my first stout.
Also what temp should you keep it while in Prim?
For the coffee part when you say cold brew you mean brew the coffe with cold h20 right? Or can you brew it and then toss in fridge then add cold brew to it?
I'd really like to know how this turned out as I would like to brew an Irish coffee stout soon.