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For Sale [Iowa] - Kegerator, Ferm Fridge, Keggle, Kegs, Equipment, etc... All gotta go

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Nov 15, 2012
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Getting out of the hobby and looking to clear out everything in my garage for homebrewing. (Dont worry, I have a friend locally who brews a lot if I ever get the itch)

Located east-side Iowa City. I can help load, but you'll need to pick up. I'll ship at buyer's expense, but obviously the bigger stuff would be a pain in the rear.

Full photo gallery at https://imgur.com/a/VSnKH32

Had hoped to sell as a lot, but that went nowhere, so I'm trying to just reclaim my garage space before the winter. I think most things are priced pretty fairly, but always open to offers.

Want to bundle more than one thing? Make me an offer.

Kegging Equipment
  • Insignia Kegerator w/upgrades - $500
    • Two-tap ss insulated tower
    • 2 Perlick 525SS Froward-seal faucets
    • Two 5-7# alumnium CO2 tanks (one in date, one needs hydro)
    • Two-port regulator (high side gauge needs replaced)
  • Tap Handles - $60
  • 3 corney kegs (one will need new racetrack lid), 2 pin 1 ball - $30/each for the complete kegs, $20 for the one missing a lid, or $65 for all 3.
Brewday Equipment
  • King Kooker two-level propane dual burner cart- $80
  • Keggle with pickup tube and BIAB bag - $80
  • Weldless sight glass kit - $15
  • DIY Hop Spider w/3 bags - $10
  • Pool pump for immersion chiller - $15
  • 24-inch thermoworks thermometer - $20
  • Unused Whirlpool Arm - $10
  • SS False Bottom - $35
  • Refractometer - $5
  • PH Meter - $5

Fermentation Equipment
  • Fermentation fridge w/temp controller & fans - $75
    • STC-1000 wired directly to the compressor, with both heat (with the heat mat) and cool ready to go.
    • Two 120mm fans to circulate air inside
    • Wooden shelf can slide in the bottom to make a platform to fit your fermenter. Can even get cold enough to lager or just act as a beer fridge.
    • DIY Stir Plate - $20
    • Heat Mat - $10
    • Plastic Carboy - $15


Just really wanna get this stuff out of here. SWMBO is not thrilled it's been out and 'ready to go' for 3 weeks now :)

Cross posted, no holds without prepay.