Iowa brewer, glad be here.

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May 29, 2024
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I've been brewing beer since the eighties, off and on. The last off spell has been ten or so years. My son wanted me to brew up a batch for our family vacation to Wisconsin in July, so I'm back.

I'm not a big time brewer by any means. I started out in the eighties with Munton extract and corn sugar brewed in a plastic bucket with a towel over it. I've evolved into glass carboys and have settled on Brewer's best beer kits. I seem to be successful with them. I don't aspire to much more, at lest for now. That may change, reading some of the threads here. Anyway, I drove down to the brewer's supply in the big city to see what they had. Low and behold, their Brewer's Best kits were half price. I'm good for four more batches. So I'm back.

As far as myself, I'm old, retired, play banjo and guitar in a country/bluegrass group, brew beer of course, and write novels. The G&B Detective Agency series if anyone is interested. I found this forum looking for info on secondary fermentation, just to make sure I remembered what I needed to remember and not leave anything out. I'm going to enjoy it here I think. Thanks.
Welcome from just north of Chicago! It's a great forum. Glad to have you.

if you're camping then watch out for ticks . They've been brutal so far this year.