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Jan 1, 2013
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Pittsburgh craft beer week was last week. I didn't get to participate cuz, well, I work a lot and spend 2.5 hours in the car commuting besides.... anyway...

Two cool things that they breweries did, as I understand from talking to the guys at the local brewery:

1. Firkin competition! the handful of regional craft breweries brewed beers into just a couple firken that were tapped and competed against each other at a few specific pubs. At least some of them were flavored or oaked etc. versions of some of their regular brews. I got to taste some leftover porter that had some Kailua in it.

2. Collaborations! they also did full scale batches of full on, custom collaborations. There was a Roggen-Weizen and an English IPA fermented with Brett that I saw.

Fun stuff... maybe next year I can make some time and participate.