Interesting Carbonation Technique

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Wow, that's kinda nutty, but looks like it would work! Seems like more trouble than it is probably worth - would be way easier to just get a kegging system. I like the big :) on the balloon!
I thought his filter seemed pretty ingenious. However, I have a question maybe someone can shed some more light on. In using a drill pump to push the brew through the filter, aren't you going to inherently be introducing oxygen into the process?
Filtering is an advanced technique and should only be attempted on a homebrew scale by the certifiably insane. A brew buddy of mine filters EVERYTHING. He is certifiably insane. It took him over a year to really get a handle on the process and he ruined a lot of beer along the way. After watching what he goes through to successfully filter, there is no way I'm making it work in my brewery. I must say however, his beer is brilliantly clear - I mean brilliant on a commercial scale. Plus, when the keg is empty, there is no sediment on the bottom. Makes for an easy keg clean up. But I still think the effort isn't worth it. If you are bottling, filtering just doesn't make much sense at all because you filter all the yeast out and then have to add it back in for bottle conditioning.

For reference, stick with the flat plate filters made especially for beer and wine and use kegs and CO2 to push the beer around. Be prepared to sacrifice some beer in the persuit of brilliant clarity.

Well - and Wow -

Certainly very ingenious.

As for the filtering - for the Wino's out there, and I am sure that it could be used for beer too, is a product by Buon Vino. I have the Mini Jet filter, cleans 5 gallons in about 20 minutes. My 6 gallon Carboys take less than 25 minutes, and it is Crystal clear -

Typically these run at a high price, I got mine from an online store in Canada,
all the US online stores were running at 165->200 for the unit, my Local brew store has it for $225.
I paid just over 150 for it - and that included shipping from canada :)