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Jan 4, 2020
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I have come to the conclusion that I will never have a consistent mash efficiency until I take control over the grain crushing, as it appears that the not so local LHBS and the online suppliers don't have consistent crushes, causing my mashes to be all over the place from 50% to 85%...

I have a couple of seriously f'd up shoulders, so turning a crank is a non-starter. Buying a crank unit and using a drill to turn it is a possibility, but I don't have a suitable drill and that cost would have to be figured in.

That being said, anyone have any suggestions for mills that will get the job done without mortgaging the house to buy it?

I am looking at this one: Maltzilla Diamond Roller Mill Package . The reviews I have read have been mostly positive, other than the need to take it apart a wire brush the rollers from time to time to clean the grain flour out of them. Anyone with first (or even second, for that matter, had knowledge of it's usefulness and durability?

TIA for any input

I'm still using an ancient Schmidling mill, so I don't have much experience with current homebrew sized mills. The one you linked would certainly do the job.

I think every brewer can benefit from crushing their own grains, from a consistency standpoint and from a freshness standpoint.

That said, I strongly suspect that with mash efficiencies ranging from 50% to 85%, there's more going on there than just inconsistent crushes fom suppliers. And my first guess would be measurement (gravity and/or volume) and/or computation errors. (I'm assuming that range has been with the same equipment/processe, same batch sizes, same boil time, similarly sized grain bills, etc.)
This is the best review Ive seen on the Maltzilla. I had this on my short list until this review had me looking elsewhere. Now Im thinking this Blichmann is the best unit for me.
I recently got the Blichmann after seeing it at Home Brew Con, and wearing out my Monster Mill after 15 years of use and abuse. I cannot put into words how impressed I am with the Blichmann. I can crush very fine, and have intact hulls. And, their recommended gap setting of .055 works very well too. It is definitely overkill, but I am really enjoying it and will never wear it out.