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Aug 24, 2007
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St. John's Newfoundland
moderators i have no idea where to place this thread as it seems infection threads are everywhere, sorry if this was a bad choice.

i've had a few batches now since before i went all-grain and after that have exhibited similarly odd characteristics. at the surface of the beer their always develops a slick grayish (not oily) film with a few bubbles, if left for a few weeks it develops into what i can only describe as the surface of the space-balls planet. if left even longer it develops the white strings i've associated with a brett infection (by picture only, i've no experience in that). i've soldiered on in all my brews since i've noticed the development by simply bottling before it ever got too strange looking and really i haven't tasted anything off; no thinness, gushers, off-flavours, etc. indicating an infection (granted my brews don't last very long once i'm happy with carbonation). i'm leaving a few of my previous beers around for a few months thinking that if it is brett it will develop brett-like characteristics in a few months.

anybody have any idea what i'm talking about? any ideas/suggestion? not enough info/description?

thanks as always for any replies
Rule number one for infections: infections make the beer taste odd, look odd or cause gushers. Yeast can grow in the formations you mention. My current BRR is did the same thing, but when I crash cooled, the strings dropped out.
thanks for the response. i wasn't too worried as everything tastes fine, i guess its just a little disconcerting to see an alien planet in my bucket, especially when i've never read/seen anything like it...i have to admit though...i've been kinda hoping it was brett, i thought i might just start brewing all-brett beers...

thanks for the reassurance.