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Mar 29, 2006
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I believe I have my first batch of infected beer. It has been in the bottle for a little over 3 weeks and has been continually tasting more sour and seems thinned out. One week after bottling it tasted very close to what I was hoping for. But has been deteriorating ever since. Tonight when I opened one it was a gusher. I have no idea how this might have become infected. I have always tried to be very careful with sanitation. I am suspecting it might be my tubing. I am going to replace all of it before I brew again this weekend. Are there any steps I can take to insure that everything I have is free of any bacteria? I have been using a plastic primary fermentor. Should I switch to a glass carboy? I am feeling discouraged as I have no idea what went wrong. I use Iodophor but am considering switching to starsan.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.