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Dec 27, 2007
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Bryn Mawr, PA
So I've been working on a McMenamin's Ruby clone, and I racked the wort over to a secondary fermenter a few days ago, over a hefty batch of boiled raspberries. Over the weekend me and the missus took a little vacation, and when I had come back the bung had been blown off the secondary, and there was raspberry goo EVERYWHERE.

I resanitized the bung and airlock, and stuck it back on. Because of the CO2 blanket, I'm hopeful that the batch hasn't been ruined, but I'd rather not waste the time bottling if it has been. . . can anyone tell me if this floating goop is raspberry traub that will eventually settle, or if it's the world's grossest infection?

I hear this so much.... "my bung popped out, my airlock popped off...." I usually put a piece of tape over the bung at eash side of the hole and tape it down so this dosent happen..... hasent failed me yet..... sure somebody would disagree, but i only use glass for secondary anyways not as mush co2 pressure as primary.....

(wow after re-reading my post it sounds very dirty)