Inconsistent carbonation with cane sugar

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Apr 20, 2007
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Hi All,

I have been brewing since 4/2007. I have made 12 5 gal. brews so far. I have two favorites, an IPA and a Porter which I have been alternating brewing for the last four brews. So far, so great!

An issue that has occurred in two brews (an American Wheat and a Porter) is that the carbonation in the 12 oz bottles I am using is sometimes inconsistent. I will have a six pack that is flat and a six pack that blows all the beer out of the bottles as foam. That's a half case wasted, my friends. Until I can get my new fridge I need some advice as to how to better mix the sugar into my brew at bottling time. I am using for the Porter a specialty grain steep plus extract wort. It is a wonderful brew.

I boil two cups of water and add 2/3 cup of white cane sugar. I cool and pour this into the bottling bucket and rack in the beer. I was told that the swirling of the beer going in should mix the sugar in but it seems that the last sixer is always over-carbed. Does anyone mix in the sugar a different way? Has anyone experienced this type of behavior?

Never had a problem bottling the way you describe. However, I've been using Cooper's Carb Tabs lately with great success. Add one per bottle, and fill.
I have had the same problem. IN my next batch i will just santize the spoon and gently stir the wort a bit to hopefully better mix the primer.
Yeah, I stir too. If you make that priming sugar solution with a small amount of water, it is just too difficult to get into solution with just the siphon whirlpool.
I've always read that corn sugar is better than cane for this purpose, but cane should work. I think you're probably not stirring enough though and that is your problem with inconsistant carbonation. Another advantage to the corn sugar is that it is ground finer than any cane I have ever seen (other than powdered of course). I'm guessing this is because the primary use for this sugar is bottle conditioning and it would have to mix better like that. Just a guess on that though.
never had that happen, but I always use corn sugar.

I'd give the bucket a gentle stir every 12 bottles to keep that sugar suspended.

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