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Feb 25, 2005
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I’m an editor for a small publishing company in Boston, as well as an avid brewer and beer lover. I’m currently putting a book of Homebrew Recipes together and am searching for the best of the best. If you have a great recipe and would like to submit it for consideration, it would be greatly appreciated. Because of the small size of our company we’re currently not buying any copyrights. However, if your recipe is chosen, you will receive a cash royalty for each book sold for the life of distribution, along with the recognition of a name published beer (if you don’t want your name to be used we will publish your recipe under anonymous or a pen name). You will also receive a free copy of the book. The inspiration for this book is based on “The Real Book” – a collection of sheet music of the greatest jazz standards of all time. This book is considered a music bible to any jazz lover. We would like to share that same experience with home-brewers…that is why we are searching for only the best recipes. If you would like to submit your recipe for consideration please email it to [email protected]. Submit as many recipes as you would like. If we choose more than one you will get a higher percentage of royalties for each book sold. Please include your name, email address, and all pertinent information about your beer (i.e. name, ingredients & directions). If your recipe is chosen we will contact you with more information. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jason Stevens
After traveling for months to homebrew and beer tasting events, we found that we were not going to be able to amass the amount of recipes that we intended for this book. A kind brewer suggested checking out some homebrew forums on the internet and here we are. If you have any recipes that you’d like to share with the brewing community, your help would be greatly appreciated. We’re planning on having between 500-800 categorized recipes in the book. We’re also tentatively planning a CD-ROM to be released with the book that will allow for multiple category searches (and even a search for your favorite brewer). But, we need your help in order to make this book a reality. If you have some recipes you’d like to share please email them to [email protected]. We’re currently looking at March 18th as the deadline. Thanks again for everyone’s help, we hope the book will be a success.

Jason Stevens
Great, I'll keep in touch here. We've received a lot of support so far, and everything looks to be going fairly smooth.
Im in the same boat, as Im new to brewin, and am looking for all the info I can. Since I see you are located in Boston, and Im local enough to pick one up when is done, I would love to check the book when its done as well. Keep me informed if you can.
I’d like to thank everybody that has bees sending in recipes, but we’re still looking for more. We’ve gotten some really good, as well as interesting ones…it’ll be fun brewing some of them up. But, in order to get this book together with a wide range of styles, we really need some more beer recipes from all of you. We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the book and we feel it’s going to be a great success. We’re going to be putting a short on-line commercial together to try to start a buzz for the book. I’ll be posting it here shortly. Thanks again, and feel free to ask any questions.

Just playing Devil's advocate here, but if the mission is to provide a place for homebrewers to share their favorite recipes, wouldn't a free online forum be more productive than trying to turn a profit off of material that you have gotten from homebrewers for free? In other words, why a book when a well-organized online recipe database with a ratings system, comments, etc, would be so much more effective at accomplishing the goal?

I've always felt recipes should be freely distributed and have never thought much of recipe books that basically just gather other people's freely given work together and sell it for profit. No offense intended. That's just my opinion.
I understand your point and we thought about that before deciding go through with this project. But, what we kept coming back to was that with "The Real Book" you can also get most of the sheet music free online, but it's nice to have a hard copy of all the songs searching, no working off of a computer screen. The book will be put together very nicely, with things other than recipes as well (the history of each type of beer, personal homebrewing stories, etc.). The great thing about this book is also the fact that the majority of the profits being turned will be returned to the brewers that submitted the recipes. This isn't a project completely bent on returning a profit, but more of seeing if we can be successful working with something that we are truly passionate about.
Hey, great answer. I agree that a book you can hold and read, and flip through when you're in bed, and put on your shelf is an appealing thing. I really dig books. There is an inherent value to having a physical book, and I think it's really cool that you'll have added information about the styles, so it goes beyond just a collection of recipes.

Will you be making the recipes available online for free in addition to selling the book? Or perhaps hosting some sort of recipe database in association with the book? And how do you mean that you'll be returning profits to the contributors?

Sounds like a cool project undertaken with a good attitude. I wish you the best of luck, and I'll be interested to see the results. Cheers! :D
I have a German-style Hefe Weizen recipe that won Best of Show and Best of Style that I could give to you. For my 1st place prize I got to brew 250 gals at the local brew pub. I'll see what I can do to get it to you before the 18th.

Janx, I agree with the free recipe trading and the hard copy book to read in bed, etc.

My number one pet peeve with other peoples recipes is that they don't do any follow up information. I would like to know how they and their friends thought beer tasted after 30, 60, or 90 days (even 1 year later) in the fridge and things like that. Most recipes do not include this information. Some just say, "I tried this only once, but if I brew this again I'll make this and that correction". I tend to stay away from those recipes.
homebrewer99....I could use a good hefe recipe. I'm tired of the kits. If you'd like to share, I'd put it to good use! Hefeweizen is probably my favorite style, and the one I'm most tuned into as far as what to look for in the style. It would be my staple brew, if I could get a recipe I'm happy with.

Of course I'm only doing extracts, so it might not be possible. BTW I'm not doing competitions....just like drinking and sharing the stuff. :) If you're unable to, I understand.

We'll be accepting recipes for 2 more days (until March 18th), then we'll begin to make our decisions. Thanks for everybody's help.