I'm getting scoby-like stuff on top of my bottles

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Apr 19, 2022
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I am brewing kombucha for the first time. I had a jar which sat for a week and I though of bottling it. I removed the scoby from the top and saved some of the liquid as well. Then poured the kombucha into bottles which had a 1/4 cup of fruit juice
In about a day later, all my bottles have formed a layer on the top (as well as typical mud at the bottom). This top layer looks very much like scoby but I cannot be sure what it is.
I'm attaching a photo for you to see. This was taken a day after bottling. It's been 3 days now and it has slightly reduced in terms of thickness.
My questions are:

- what have I done wrong?
- how can I get rid if this thing and salvage my drinks?



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Those are SCOBY's. They will form in whatever container you have kombucha in. Refrigerating can slow the growth, but you don't want to refrigerate until the SCOBY has time to digest the sugar in the fruit juice you added. When you are ready to drink it, just refrigerate it and then strain the SCOBY out when you pour it in a glass.