I'm Drunk, and I'm Fryin' Bacon!

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Here's Lookin' Atcha!
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Sep 19, 2007
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Houston, Texas
Ha ha! Just tell me there's a better combination. I dare you. Just tell me. Yeah, and I'm watching playoff football. Now, you know it can't be beat!

And, just to make sure, I'm drinking homebrewed IPA, I've already had some good jerky from Johnson City, had some good wine from California, had some recently shot, hot smoked, and heavily peppered venison sausage, and have all the homemade scratch blueberry muffins I could ever want within a few steps of consumption. Throw in the two boys that are going to bed and the saintly woman who is putting them there, and I'm a much more blessed man than I ever thought I would be (or should be, for that matter).

One of these days, I'll figure out what I sold to the Devil to get me to this situation. Until then, I'll just ride the ride and enjoy every moment.

Be careful! I was drunk a couple weeks ago and was trying to fry some bacon and ended up burning it. Almost burnt the second batch too.

Yeah, beer+bacon+football....you really can't beat that!:mug:
ok, as to the bacon served at the bar, it is just like any other salty snack item, it is designed to make you thirsty and buy more drinks...

as to cooking while drunk, just be careful when handling hot grease...

i tend to go about the house with no shirt on most of the year, as my wife prefers
the house a little warmer than I do... so it is not uncommon for me to be cooking
with no shirt on, as I am the main cook in the house. Let me just say that hot
grease, no shirt, and a lack of attention is a VERY VERY BAD THING!!!!!!

I can only imagine the damage you could do to yourself with hot grease while
being intoxicated.
What Rabidgerbil said. Too many times, I've cooked bacon without the requisite piece of clothing. Sad beer gut. Beer gut turn red.

Friends don't let friends cook shirtless!

That being said. Mmm. I have two pounds of delicious bacon in my freezer. Maybe I should cook them this AM. I like to cook up a bunch at once, bag 'em, and use 'em throughout the week on sammiches and such.

Because what's better than a turkey sammich? A turkey and bacon sammich.
been there :eek: got some on my thigh...that put an end to that little adventure VERY quickly.

i have a roomate now, too, so not really gonna be frying bacon in the buff again anytime soon :cross:
SwAMi75 said:
Shirtless? Pfft.....you're not a real man unless you've cooked bacon in the nude.

I was expecting all the ladies to chime in after this post.
Here, I can provide you with an approximation:

"This thread needs pictures! Lots of them! You can send them directly to me if you want! But leave the bacon out, and the pan too!"

(Just kidding, gals, we razz because we love you!)