I'm an idiot! Stupid noob Question.

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Jan 27, 2008
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Kansas City, MO
Due to my own idiocy and a need to get back in to work in a hurry I grabbed the wrong bag of dme from my LHBS. The recipe I have calls for 3lb extra light dme and 3lbs plain wheat dme. I have 6lb of wheat now and the LHBS is an hour drive away. I'm thinking of just using the wheat. How large is the difference between the two? If I have to drive tomorow I will, but the weather is going to be crap and it will prob take three hours round trip. Worth my time or no?
You could go to the nearest health food store. They usually sell DME, though it's usually labeled Powdered Barley Malt or something like that. I have used it in a pinch for making starters. But the stuff I used wasn't extra light, it was pretty dark.
I'd just make a nice wheat beer. And if the nearest LHBS is an hour away, I'd consider ordering supplies online. Shipping costs are a lot cheaper than gas and your time, plus its less likely you'll get the wrong ingredients next time.
I wouldn't worry about it at all. Wheat extract contains 50% or more barley extract anyways. I have made wheat beers woth 100% wheat extract which no problems.
Well if it's not going to throw my flavors way off there is no way I'm getting out tomorow. Using white labs kolsh yeast. This should not make that big of a difference should it?
Well, Edwort's Kolsch recipe uses 50% wheat and 50% 2-row malt, and it's awesome stuff. You'll have a really nice brew with what you have, IMHO.
Thanks for the confidence boost guys. Just what i needed to hear. No travel for me tommorow. Time to relax....

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