Ideal styles for a Summer Wedding

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Which styles are best for a summer wedding?

  • Cream ale

  • Blonde ale

  • California Common

  • English Brown

  • Weizen

  • Brown Porter

  • Apfelwein

  • Dry Mead (kegged, carbonated)

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Jimmy Von Tripel

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Nov 23, 2007
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Next summer my bro is getting married and I'm in charge of the beverages. We are looking at having 200+ people for the reception.

I will not and I cannot serve BMC or anything of the sort. Everything will be my own homebrew.

So what do you all think are the ideal and most appropriate styles to serve for a late June wedding?

I already have lots of mead and hard cider on hand but I'm sure I need to serve 2 or 3 different beers.

So let me know what you all think. Its much appreciated.
A hefe, maybe a kolsch for the BMC drinkers, and something darker, maybe an amber or a brown ale. Sounds fun, good luck. Also, this would be a great time to build a couple of jockey boxes, IMO :)
All of your choices seem quite appropriate.

The blonde and cream ales will appeal to the BMC crowd. An American hefe will likely be quite popular as well.

Apfelwein or mead would be great served with a meal - kind of a classy touch.

The Cali common and English brown styles would be my last choices, only because they will probably lack popularity at an American wedding. However, they'd be great for the portion of the crowd who've been turned on to the microbrew scene.

Why not brew a batch of each? Start with the mead and Apfelwein, since they will need the longest aging period. Move on to the brown ales, then the blondes, and finally the hefe.
i'd say pale like ed haus pale mashed a little low
also hefe aroma's can be offputting to some i'd go closer to an american wheat like oberon