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Jan 8, 2007
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10.00lbs British Two-row Pale
2.00lbs Vienna
1.00lb British Crystal 50-60L

1oz Centennial - 60 min
1 oz Willamette - 20 mins
1oz Cascade - flameout

planning to dry hop with east kent goldings and oak chips.

est. og - 1.065
ibu - 52
srm - 10

og - 1.060

mashed 1.3qt per lbs @ 145F for 60 mins, batch sparged with 4.5g, collected just over 6 gallons total. divided the batches between two pots. boiled one long enough to kill anything nasty and used the other as the boil kettle. go all grain partial boil!

hit about 70%. not bad considering I had to mill with a coffee grinder, boil everything on stovetop, walk a neighbors dog durring the mash, disasemble, clean out, and reasemble the garbage disposal (from hosing out the remains in the mashtun after dumping), immersion chiller not being ready, various and assorted spills, and ended up only collecting 4.75 gallons instead of 5. i'm sure the next batch will go smoother.

i'm ready for more. :rockin:

Bearcat Brewmeister

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Feb 20, 2006
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Gaitherburg, MD
Mashed at 145F? Is that a typo? Did you mean 154F or did you really mash at 145F? That seems a bit low.

I am also wondering on the dry hop choice. Seems you have an American aroma already from the Cascade at flameout, so the EKG seems odd. I have never tried it though, so let us know how it goes.