I want to try out my new chiller.

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Sep 25, 2008
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PEI, Canada
I went to home hardware yesterday and got 25' of piping, some hose and fitting. I hand coiled the chiller while i was racking and boiling jars for yeast washing.

I also went around to a few of the home brew shoppes looking for dry extract and some hops.. seems they're all out so is settled on a morgans canadian lager and a kilo of sugar.. again, this is just to try the chiller...

I have some S-23 in the fridge and i'm wondering if i should use that or the yeast that came with the kit. I also may be able to find some saaz for aroma.

I'll be fermenting at around 65 degrees until the bubbles start to stop, then 'lagered' for 2 weeks to a month, depending on time, at around 52ish on a warm day.

Does anyone have experience with the stock Morgans yeast? is it as bad as muntons?

I like the s-23 but on the other hand, it's the only lager yeast i've really used. I have notty and s-04 but they're not options for this beer.

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