I tried my "Midas Touch" type beer today

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Elmo Peach

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Mar 4, 2021
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I opened one of my 7 bottles of the Midas Toudhish concoction today. It was very good.
I made this brew with White Condord gapes, local honey and DME. I added to it hops grown in my back yard, yarrow from my hunt camp, saffron ( a gift from my daughter in Spain) and some Saaz hops.

I only made a gallon of this (too bad) I primed it with the sugar drops from home brew store. It has been sitting since the first of Nov.

I opened one today it was very good a bit stronger than beer, a little grape forward but not too bad. Considreing I used White Concord grapes.

Will try again with a full batch using a bettere grape.