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Aug 7, 2005
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Pasadena, CA
I came to a point where I brewed 10 gallons per brew session. Then I gained 90lbs due to my drinking habit and I had to quit. I'm now under a strict diet ... beer has been a long forbidden lover. So I'm selling my equipment (locally). My gallon per day love affair is over :(

But what hits me worst is the fact I have to leave you great ppls. Alcohol is one hell of a drug, and beer did make me fat ( e-****ing-nor-mous ). But you people warmed my heart and made me think its ok to drink too much ;)

Ok, enough of the mooshy stuff, I'm out. No need to reply, I'm already gone. Damn this health minded world.

I couldn't show control, now I must roll.
So...I just got done reading a bit of the "are you an alky" thread, then this one jumped out at me.

I've been at points in my life where a gallon a day was nothing (eight pints - some of us have been there...think about it), working at a brewery and rooming at a house with two brewers (pros) in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by good beers, it was very easy to rationalize at the time. That was a while ago and now I go a week and think to myself..."it's been a while since I have a nice cold one hasn't it?"

My point: Good on ya for needing a change and doing something about it. That said, there's nothing constant but change (read: hold onto that equipment :) )