i know there's a few thousand threads about this but i'm posting anyway

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Mar 2, 2009
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so, after 50+ hours last night i couldn't stand it. i ripped off the lid to take an SG and it was 1.048. Nothing happening. :( well, i picked that bucket up and gave it a pretty vigorous shaking to get all the sediment suspended again because it had settled at the bottom. this morning i awoke to what looked like activity in the airlock. my roommate went home for lunch and sure enough it was kicking butt. CO2 woohoo. :fro: now, i can truly relax for awhile. :rockin:
It's also great to see the airlock start bubbling only a few hours after pitching, hitting the hay and waking up to see a tower of foam resembling that creepy devil's tower in Close Encounter of the Third Kind bubbling out of it. Okay, maybe not so much, but it happened on my very first five gallon batch. At least I knew it was working! :D