Illinois I have a ticket to the Naperville Ale festival on February 24th that I can't use

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Dec 26, 2005
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I was planning a trip up to the Chicago area to hang out with a friend and we have tickets to the Naperville Ale festival. He's backed out and I have a ticket still available. I won't be making the trip now and I figured I could check here to see if anybody wants it. I'm not asking anything for it (but if somebody wanted to send me something in trade, I wouldn't say no). It's just one ticket, I think he's found something to do with his.
Here's a link to the website for the beer fest -

It's a free ticket for this Saturday. The ticket prices to buy have gone up to $70. I'd rather give this away for free to somebody that thinks they might swing by to sample a couple of beers than know that it's not going to be used at all.

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