I HATE WildBlue internet!

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Yep....I tell you what...
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Nov 7, 2007
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Miles City, MT.
SWMBO and I have our own computers, and we use to have earthlink's dial up service, but we switched to WildBlue because earthlink charges $21 a month for one computer, plus charges by the minute if you have a second computer connected at the same time. That was for only 28K dial up, since we live where we can't get anything eles exept satalite internet.

So we switched to WildBlue Satalite internet. We had to buy the equipment for $200, and the installer didn't even use it. He took the new equipment that Wildblue shipped to us with him, and installed scratched up crap he had in his van.

I lived with this.

Also, when I signed up WildBlue said they don't support routers (you need one to use more than one computer) but that the installer will usually go ahead and hook it up if you have it when he comes. So I ran out an bought one, when he got here he said, "Sure, I'll hook it up, for another $70." So I hooked it up myself.

I lived with this.

Now, my service crapps out on me several times a day. You click on something and it says "Page can't be displayed." Then you wait 10 min. and it works. I have the same problem with my email. So I called WildBlue. They checked my account and said that they show that there is a problem with my outside equipment, and while there is a 12 month warranty on the equipment, the want $95 for a service call to have someone replace it.

WTF? WTF? WTF?:mad: :mad:

So I told them to pi$$ off. I will be spending the money to get earthlink's satalite internet when my 12 month contract expires. I would have gone with earthlink in the first place, but I didn't know they had it.

I'm so freekin' mad! I spent $200 for equipment, signed a 12 month contract, and pay $50 a month for what? Just so I can spend another $100 for them to replace the deffective equipment!