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Jan 26, 2006
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So, I bottle. Its tedious and time consuming, especially solo, but its the way I've done it forever and it works just fine. I always thought it would be cool to do kegging, I think I would enjoy the aspect of being able to pour draft beers whenever I wanted (more than the convenience factor of it.)

The thing is, I live alone in an apartment and I don't plan on living there forever. In fact, I'd say another year and its time to move on to something (hopefully) better...

However, and its a big however, my girlfriend's brother just informed me that he has a whole kegging system (minus the cornies) leftover from his college days a few years back. Also, he informed me that he will give me said system for free if I want it.

This puts me in quite a tough situation as I don't want the hassle of having a mini fridge kegerator(which I would have no problem buying with my tax refund) to move when I get another place. Like I said, I've always planned on kegging but not until I got a more permanent residence.

I've asked my parent's, friends (nonbrewers) and family and they all said it wouldn't be worth it. Now, I ask you guys. Should I just bite the bullet now and buy the mini-fridge and corny with some of my refund and accept the rest of the parts from the gf's brother? Should I accept the fact that I'll have to move one or two more (albeit large) items when it comes time to move? Or would it be wise to leave the kegging alone and stick to my old "friend" bottling until I've planted my roots somewhere a little more stable?
Accept the free parts, hold onto them....and keep bottling...then buy the fridge and kegs when you move. :D having the free parts is that much less you would have to buy later...
How long and hard could it be to move a mini fridge? It really isn't going to be that hard or will it take much time when you do move. I say go for it! What if a year turns into 2 years? I doubt your going to say...nah, I'm not gonna move, I have that little mini fridge to move.
buy the mini fridge used off craigs list and when you move if you don't want it and can't craigslist it leave it on the curb someone will take it. Today on the way to work I saw a fairly decent washing machine sitting on the curb. It will most likely be gone tommrow.
Well, i'd suggest you get the parts and either hold on to them or go ahead and get a mini fridge. I know there are several members here who have keezer setups in the garage or basement and then a mini fridge with a tower inside someplace.

You could always use the fridge later for crash cooling and conditioning if you decided to move the keg parts to a bigger fridge or freezer.

Finally, having recently moved, ask yourself, are you really going to want to move all your bottles? Those things will be heavier and move of a pain than a keg setup, which really shouldn't be that hard to move.
I think if I were you, I wouldn't do it. You have enough reservations about it that you had to post a question here. However I would take the dude up on the equipment and put it to good use once you feel you are settled.

If I was me, I'd have already bought a freezer and would be building a collar.
Definitely take the stuff, It can't be that hard. Moving is already a PITA, a little bitty fridge won't make it that much harder, maybe an extra couple trips down to the truck. You'll kick yourself later if you don't get it.
My Sanyo refrigerator is lighter than 2 full cases of beer. I say get it. You don't need a tower for it. Cobra taps work pretty well.
Don't be so lazy! Pick up the fridge and carry it when you move. You don't have a definite date, so it could be some time. How much work are you really saving that would justify depriving yourself of having draught beer on tap? Is it really that big of a deal to move a little fridge?

Along with the stereo, I'll bet it will the last thing moved by you and your friends and the first set up at the new location. You'll have no shortage of volunteers to bring the beer over.
i would take the free parts and save them for when you have a bigger place. the reason is because once you have a couple cornies you will want a couple more carboys to keep up, then a couple more cornies for aging and store and so on. Believe me lol
ake the parts use them when you get the chance hopefully sooner than later. I f you turn the stuff down now it may not be there when you need it later. And besides if you have all that you may as well get the fridge and th corny its not that much to move around.
My Sanyo refrigerator is lighter than 2 full cases of beer. I say get it. You don't need a tower for it. Cobra taps work pretty well.

No kidding, I was shocked at how light those things are... just built one for a buddy recently, awesome kegerator, followed the plans from on here, came out perfect. We got down to Frys, and the rolled it over to us with a hand truck, and I was expecting something heavy, but was shocked when I found that I could easily pick it up and carry it by myself.
Damn, thanks for all of the responses so quick.

I gotta say, I'm glad the posts have been mixed so far. I was thinking I might get a million "dude, why aren't you kegging already?!" responses. But, this is a good mix of both sides.

I didn't really consider the idea of moving a few full cases of beer, but the fact that i have at least one beer fermenting all the time pretty much seals the fact that i'll have at least a couple cases to move if/when that happens.

I think I just may go for it, I've got the room and the resources. And, by think I mean know and by may i mean will.

However, like what darkstar said, will this be the end for a while? I've already got a MLT, 2 carboys, two buckets and all of the other brewing supplies needed for partial mashes...
Im embarrassed for you bro. You have the chance to have homemade beer on tap at your house, and you don't want to move a 30lb fridge??

Your homebrewing lacks dedication, and you should be ashamed.;) :D

Get the fridge immediately, and enjoy the benefits. :mug:
read up on kegkits.com

I have heard some bad stories about ordering from them, although I do not have any 1st hand experience with them. They do have a huge amount of diy info to make kegerators.
Two words.



Two words.


Your set up is definitely what I'm aiming for BM.

So, based on my recent acquisitions, I have everything that college kid would have needed for a kegerator for commercial kegs: a CO2 tank (10 lbs), a regulator and a coupler for sanke (commercial) kegs with a picnic tap.

Now I need to compile a list of the rest of the parts i need (not including the fridge of course)...
One more thing, I've been searching all over for well near 3 hours and can't find a good answer, what is everybody using now that the sanyo 4912 is discontinued?

I was looking at the Magic Chef 4.4 Cu. Ft. Has there been success with this guy? Its not too expensive and it looks to be a good size.
I still see the Sanyo's advertised at Fry's Electronics. I think they are in the Chicago area. Is Downer Grove in the area?

Check it out. Fry's
Get the getting equipment. You can always just use a jockey box if you don't want the fridge. But seriously, how much work is it to move a mini fridge?

Bare minimum you'll need if you go the mini fridge route is a gas in disconnect, a liquid out disconnect, a corny keg, some replacement o-rings, some beer line/air line, and some hose clamps.
you would be surprised how light mini fridges are, i have two that are almost identical and they both weigh probably only 40 lbs.
As my late grand-father used to say...."If it's free.....even if your not sure you'll need it.......take it"

Honesty.....a mini fridge isn't heavy at all.....Easy to move...and if your worred about it....take the free stuff and wait til ya move..... What's the harm?
Bare minimum you'll need if you go the mini fridge route is a gas in disconnect, a liquid out disconnect, a corny keg, some replacement o-rings, some beer line/air line, and some hose clamps.

Thanks, that's what I was looking for.

I'm definitely going to go the mini fridge route. Maybe I'll try the PVC tower method like BM did. Besides driving all the way out to Downer's Grove, are there any other good alternatives to the Sanyo 4912?