I feel like I need some grains.

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Sep 11, 2007
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Maine, Portland and Beyond.
I found this recipe in “the complete joy of home brewing” and I wanted to try it, but I feel like I should be adding some grains to it or something. Any suggestions?
Here is the recipe as is.

Light Honey Ginger Lager

3.5# extra light DME
2.5# Honey
1.5oz cascade or 2oz Saaz (boiling)
2-4 oz fresh ginger
Boil 60 min

.5oz cascade (finishing)
American lager yeast

I’m planning on tossing in 1oz of ginger in the secondary for a little more hot bite.
I don't know that you should, but you certainly could. It's supposed to be a light lager, so maybe, say, steep .75# crystal 10L to offset the dryness of the honey.
As a lite lager it probably does not need anything. If you want more honey flavor some honey malt may help.
Ofcourse if you have not brewed the recipe how can you know if it needs to change?