I assume this is ok but. . .

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Gregg Meyer

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Feb 4, 2006
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I have a keg that is right down to almost empty, it has an extract brew octoberfest. Can I just empty the keg (drink or give away the beer) and then just fill the same keg with an all grain pale ale. I assume just rinse and go would be ok.
let me know, I have never had a brew ready to go right in after one brew was pretty much finished off.

I don't know . . . you might be alreight but as easy as it is to clean and sanitize a keg I think I'd just go ahead and do it.
If the beer will be consumed fairly quickly and you did a good job sanitizing it before you put the Oktoberfest in it I think you will be fine. I wouldn't get in the habit of doing that all the time though. Maybe only every other beer.
instead of doing that, why don't you just pop open the top throw in a gallon of star san shake the bejezus out of it then use your Co2 system to push out the sanitizer, it will go through the dip tube and this will partially clean the beer lines. Then fill it up, all in all mixing the star san and doing this will take you about 10 minutes, dissesembing and cleaning the keg every batch is not necessary, but sanitization is a good idea.
Ah what a great idea. I will do that, i think I have about 5 beers left in the keg, you guys wanna come over and help me kill it??