I am confused about M54 !!

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May 21, 2022
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I recently decided to grow m54 yeast for 3 batch( each one 23 liter) from one 10 gram pack.

I want to freeze one-third of that for future brewing.

I started to reading about growing this type of yeast by starter but i got confused!

I read somewhere that fermentation of 5 gal(19 liter) wort (OG:1.045)need at last 175 billion cell of yeast but one 10 gram pack of m54 include 50 billion of cell!(5 billion/gram)

It is so amazing that in label of this yeast mentioned “use one pack for 23 liter of wort!”
I am confused!!?

I even cant calculate correct ratio and volume of starter by online calculator for this yeast:

Somebody has experience?
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Jan 7, 2019
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Valle Lacrimarum
I'm not an expert in multiplying yeast and calculating cellcounts, but I remember I read that Kölsch-type dry yeasts (which Mangrove Jack's M54 belongs to) cellcount is half of that of other yeast types.
However, practically speaking, I've never taken that into consideration in my calculations. I use and calculate M54 in exactly same amounts as all other yeasts. I use it often and never noticed any difference. Probably, Mangrove Jack's think so too if they suggest same pitch rate for M54 as for their other yeasts.
Saying that, Lallemand do recommend double pitch rate for their Lalbrew Kölsch (which M54 is thought to be a repacked version of). Which suggestion I follow just because it's printed on the sachet.

I hope more educated brewers will chime in and tell more.


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Nov 26, 2010
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Much of the information we are given for home brewing derives from commercial brewers. For them, it is economics. Get that wort innoculated with sufficient yeast to make a quick fermentation so we can get the fermenter emptied and start a new batch. That is where the idea of using secondaries comes from too. You are a home brewer and can probably afford more than one fermenter if you want faster turnaround so if your yeast doesn't take off in a couple hours it is no big deal. It takes more time for a wort innoculated with a smaller amount of yeast to take off as the yeast needs to propagate first. My guess is that with that single pack of M54 it will take 24 to 36 hours to start showing krausen. If you were to use 4 packets you might see the same activity level in 4 to 8 hours.