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Jack Straw

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Oct 27, 2004
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My 5 gal. stout has been fermenting for about five days and the air lock bubbles every minute or more.

Is it safe to open the bucket and drop my sanitized hydrometer to test the alchohol content, ect...?


BTW, nice site!
It's safe, but barely. A better method would be to use a sanitized dipper to scoop some brew out and test it.

If it's still bubbling, though, it's still fermenting. I'd give it a few more days before testing.
As long as it's still gurgling away just leave it alone. It's a natural process that can't be rushed.

I recommend buying a "Wine Thief" and the plastic tube to use with a hydrometer for your readings. Also, sample the beer. Don't throw it back in the batch or down the drain. Sampling allows you be become a better taster.