How to use fresh frozen hops?

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Aug 30, 2013
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My partner had the opportunity to pick a couple pounds of hops for me while I was away at work. I would have liked to use them fresh or dry them, but I have been several provinces away at work, so she put them in ziplock bags and froze them. I think I am going to try just using them straight out of the freezer. I have never used anything but pelletized hops before, so I am wondering if anyone has any constructive thoughts on how much to use compared to pelletized hops?
Please don't pile on about searching the forum first as I did do a couple searches, and all I could find was a very similar question that has sat in the Hop Growing Discussion for a month with no replies.
Thanks in advance for any information that might help!
Your utilization rates are going to be lower, if you intend to use them for any bittering. IBU=(A×U×G×1000)÷(L) where A=alpha acid%, U=utilization rate, G=grams, L=Liters.
If your using standard,
IBU=(A×U×O×7489)÷(G) A and U remain the same. O=ounces, G= gallons.
Utilization rates for whole hops:
Minutes 0-9=.05
If they are homegrown, I would probably guesstimate the AA% on in the middle or perhaps on the lower end of the range for that variety.

You could also probably use an online calculator like MoreBeer or BrewersFriend. There's good apps for it too like Brewfather and Wort.

What varieties do you have?

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Fresh hops, before drying, contain much moisture (water). Use about 5x the amount by weight of wet (frozen) hops as you would with (homegrown) dried flowers, for the same recipe, to get the same bitterness, flavor, and aroma, everything else being the same.

As @pvtpublic said, the %AA of homegrown hops will be (much) lower than commercially grown ones. That not only affects bitterness, also flavor and aroma, and not necessarily proportionally. Now fresh hops are quite unique, due to many flavor and aroma compounds being lost during drying and again, in the pelletizing process. Freezing can retain many of those qualities, but the clock is ticking. Use them up, ASAP.
Oops, I overlooked that detail of them still being wet. That changes things a lot. @Dr_Jeff is right, use them at flameout. Freezing them still wet is going to change the structure of them, so thawing and drying are out of the question now. I don't know how much it will actually contribute to cooling though, unless you're going to use a lot. And like the stranded reptile said above, tick tock.
I used a bunch of the Goldings hops in a pale ale. I used 3 cups 50min and 3 cups at 5 min before flame out. Its a low OG beer 1.041 or so. I could taste some hop bitterness and there was some aroma (nice hop aroma) . So we will see how it turns out. I use Kveik Voss for the first time (on sale when I wanted yeast) so hopefully i will know how it came out pretty quickly.