How to keep the room Cool.

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Don "Ho"

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Jan 15, 2008
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I have been noticing that the temp in the closet has been rising. Today was an 80degree day and the temp in the closet is @ 75. I am worried bout this summer when the heat really hits.

Anyone have any ideas on how to keep my closet cool..


Don "Ho"
My bathroom has an AC vent in it... when I leave the door shut it gets down in the 60's while the rest of my apartment stays at 75-80. Just a thought...
That's Texas for ya. Here we have February and the high is going to hit 82 degrees in Austin.

I used a Fermention Chiller for a while. Here's the plans for one.

I now ferment in a chest freezer in my garage with a digital controller that cycles the freezer on and off to maintain proper temps.

One thing to know is that fermenation itself generates heat. During the active phase, the beer can be as much as 10 degrees F. hotter than ambient.