How to add extra lime juice to cider kit?

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Ring Many

Feb 17, 2018
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Hi everyone,

First time brewing cider. I'm making: "Youngs Strawberry & Lime Cider Kit"

I've been reading the reviews online and a lot of users have said that it doesn't have much of a hint of lime, it's mostly strawberry. I'm looking to add some extra lime juice to give it more of a kick.

The kit comes with a sachet of the flavouring, which looks like a gel substance, rather than a juice. I've attached a photo of the kit:


Can I simply add concentrated lime juice when I add the flavouring sachet, such as:

Or do I need to add freshly squeezed limes? Apparently that may potentially introduced bad bacteria, or boiling it can remove some aroma and flavour.

Any suggestions? Thanks.