How non-cluttered is you garage/basement..?

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Oct 21, 2007
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somewhere east on Cape Cod
Man, lots of you guys have these clean, open space garages/basements with nothing like 15 year-accumulation of junk..

This is so wrong.
This is not living life to the fullest.

Beside, what do you do when you need that odd washer size...?

Upside of junk: today, in my pile(s) I found a thin metal rod to hold the hop meshbag hanger contraption, and an old wok lid that fits on my new, lid-less, alum. pot... Downside: frequent swmbo reminders "When are you...blabla"
My garage is messy, but not overly cluttered. Most of the things that normal people keep in their garage (x-mas decorations, etc...) are in my storage unit.
Very cluttered!It's a 2 door 2 car model jammed with years and years of stuff.It also houses the bar with a keezer and a giant True keg dispenser along with the brew sculpture and SWMBO's glass bead making set-up and also her glass etching set-up.An upright freezer,a fridge,2 woodstoves,bbq grill,old
dishwasher,fishing/hunting/boating gear.Building materials,firewood,i could go on and on.I don't imagine ever gettin a vehicle there.I truly love our was a big factor when i bought the house.
the wife is a very organized individual.

half the basement is mine, spiderwebs and all, which i leave up to keep her out... ;)

and the garage that's attached to our house, is actually a room for us kids to play in. it's pretty cold now, but we got a huge blast furnace bolted to the ceiling, and a tv with cable, table and chairs. it's the brew house, as well as a hang out.
My cellar is very very cluttered. Cannot even see the workbench just now. and even worse it is difficult to get to the fridge. Luckily the TV is beside the door so I can still see that. In the middle of clearing it out and it looks like a bomb has hit it.
My garage is very full since my last house had a 24'x30' shop and this house doesn't have a shop at all. It gets messy/cluttered and then we clean and organize and wait for it to clutter up again.

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