How much sugar is too much sugar?

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Dec 17, 2019
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Gday all,
Was having a chat with a mate recently and he brought up how I'd go about creating the highest alcohol content I could in something like a cider or apfelwine. I've been doing some research and nobody seems to know what amount of sugar a strong yeast like lavin ec1118 could handle. So here's my questions:

1) What would kill the yeast first, the pressure during fermentation with a huge amount of sugar to deal with, or the ABV becoming too high?

2) When the yeast die, what happens to the sugar left behind? Would you end up with a disgustingly sweet and crazy boozy brew?

Thanks for indulging my theoretical :cask:
Don't go straight for the highest theoretical OG. Start out with a gravity of about 1.10, and when the gravity drops to about 1.005 add a little more sugar and more yeast nutrient. Let that go for a few days, then add just a little more sugar. So you sneak up on 18% or 19%, and when the yeast does give up your wine is not terribly sweet; it will be a little bit sweet.
Back before I knew what the heck I was doing (early 2000s) I used 1118 to brew two meads to 18%. All I did was add some nutrient, one time, and plenty of yeast.