How much hops, is too much, for dry hopping?

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May 5, 2014
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I have an ounce of cascade, 2 ounces citra, an ounce of falconers flight, and an ounce of amarillo sitting around. I'm making an IPA that already has centennial, cascade, and citra hops in the boil. Can I dry hop with all of that or should I split them up?
The heady topper clone on here dry hops with 4.5 oz and the Enjoy By clone has 6 oz. But both are split into 2 dry hop portions, which seems like a good idea for your 5 oz.
Including whirlpool/steep additions, I'd say 4 oz per gallon will lead to a haze that is very muddy and detracting. Probably not gaining much benefit after 2-3 oz per gallon
I made something I called 'Big F'in IPA' last year and used 6oz of cascade pellet during the boil and another 1/2lb of whole Cascade leaf for dry hopping. I enjoyed it thoroughly.