How much gravity does priming sugar add?

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Dec 29, 2008
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Des Moines, IA
I have had an IPA in primary for 2 weeks and would like to have it ready for a family get to together on New Years day, so, I skipped secondary and bottled.

However, in haste, I didnt check the gravity until I had added the priming sugar. I was 1.020! I usually get about 1.014 on this recipe before priming.

I used Nothingham and that is atypical to say the least.

However, it is an all-grain batch and it was 158 for 60 minutes. I usually hit 153 but did not cool it down decidding to mix things up.

There was no noticable bubbling in the air lock when I pulled it from primary.

Here is the info:

10 lbs Munich
3 lbs Wheat
(18 quarts @158 for 60 minutes, 30 minute fly sparge at 167 until the water above the grain clears)

1oz Columbus 14.4 60 minutes
1oz Cascade 6.0 45 minutes
1oz Amarillo 8.8 30 minutes
1oz Amarillo 8.8 15 minutes
1oz Amarillo 8.8 5 minutes

Don't hack the Munich man, this is a great hophead beer that I have tweaked for a while now.:mug:

How much gravity does 5oz corn sugar add to 5 gallons?
Do you think I jumped the gun?


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May 18, 2009
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Los Angeles
The gravity change is negligible. I have worked out the number in the past, but cannot remember right now. I think it's around 3 points per 5oz of sugar.

As to your actual issue, the priming sugar ferments out completely, so it will NOT increase your FG unless you have already maxed out the yeast from the alcohol content (not likely in that recipe). The higher FG is mostly likely due to the higher mash temp. 158F vs 153F is a HUGE difference and will result in many more unfermentable sugars in the final product.


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Jul 11, 2008
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Orange County, CA
You won't have exploding bottles. Since the 1.020 reading is right after you added the priming sugar, the gravity of the beer before adding the sugar must have been 1.017 or so. A higher FG than normal is to be expected given the 5*F higher mash temp.


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Jun 19, 2013
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Corn sugar is 46 gravity points, which means that if you add a whole pound to 1 gallon of liquid (with nothing else) it would ready 1.046. You added 5 oz., or 5/16 of a pound. You have a 5 gallon batch (approximately), so that amount would be divided by 5 gallons. So, the value would be 46*(5/16) to get the points added to 1 gallon, or about 14.375, we then divide that by 5 for your 5 gallons of beer, getting a value of 2.875, or about 3 points of gravity, so the pre-addition gravity would be about 1.018 or 1.017. You're still a little off from your typical gravity, likely the brew finished a little less fermentable than normal due to the slightly higher mash temperature, but 3-4 gravity points are negligible and two weeks is more than enough time for an ale to finish. I think the beer should turn out just fine, maybe slightly maltier than you are normally used to, but that isn't the end of the world.