How much fruit and when / where to add it?

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Oct 1, 2014
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I plan on making a Magic Hat #9 clone today or tomorrow. Today, I purchased dried apricot without sulphur dioxide added. I learned that sulfur dioxide produces sulfuric gas that is not pleasant. I opted for the sulfur dioxide free dried apricot. Dried apricot came in a one pound bag, & I wanted to use part of the pound of apricot to the boil and part of the package of dried apricot to the secondary as a dry hop. For the boil, I planned on grinding up the dried apricot and adding it to the boil to allow the most surface area and extraction of fruit flavors to the wort. I plan on slicing or dicing the dried apricot and adding it to the secondary fermentator as a dry hop. I don't know how much I should add to the boil nor do I know how much I should add to the secondary fermentator. Also, I need a way to sterilize the apricot so as not to infect my wart when it is in the secondary fermentator, and the old 'just soak in cheep vodka' solution isn't a desire either. (Just something about adding vodka to beer puts me off)

Any suggestions or comments would help me. I appreciate the consideration of reading my post.